Staci Swedeen

Playwright, Author, Actor


The time - 1947. The place - a small radio station outside of Chicago. Elizabeth Coleman has an idea for a new show she's sure will be a hit. Jonathan, her boss, has other plans. Secretly, however, they both agree on one thing...if murder helps the ratings, all the better. A darkly comic exploration of the quest for fame.


Elizabeth Coleman, 30's, a writer at a small radio station outside of Chicago. Smart, doesn't suffer fools gladly. Barbara Stanwyck with a mission.

Jonathan Arnold, 50-60's, the owner of the radio station. Alcoholic, unpredictable, Robert Mitchum on a bad day.

Michelle Roberts, 20's. A young Bette Davis. Innocent, but something twisted lurking underneath.

Tony Morelli, 30's, plays clarinet. Seductive, sexy and willing to use it. A young Frank Sinatra with Dean Martinís self deprecating humor.

A Few Of My Plays

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