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Pressure Points: Memoirs of A Mad Masseuse

4W,1M, 1 set. Music.

Pressure Points is a Moving and Sophisticated Work

"Staci Swedeen's play begins as a series of vignettes, each featureing a client of the masseuse, Jesse. The link is a journal that Jesse had kept of her clients stories and her own experience. After some time, links emerge. The characters intersect in the past and the present. Pieces of bigger stories emerge. The entire experience of giving and receiving a massage becomes a physical metaphor for what people need and what they don't get. The play is a surprisingly moving and sophisticated work."
Ed Buroughs, Patent Trader

"This play was by far one of the best I have had the pleasure to see. It seemed as if writer/actress Staci Swedeen had opened her heart and mind for everyone to see. The show follows the life of a middle-aged woman coming to terms with some of life's issues, and through the use of music, dance and wonderful theatrics conveys the heartbreak and personal discovery that follows in a deep and moving way."

David Carlson, Patent Trader